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Mental Health Therapist & Speaker Inspiring Wellness
through Animal Assisted Therapies

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Prairie is a licensed mental health therapist who utilizes animal assisted interventions in all walks of her mental health practice. She received a master’s degree in professional counseling and a postgraduate degree in military behavioral health counseling. She is certified as an equine assisted psychotherapist and has presented at national conferences on her techniques for providing equine therapy for military members and their families, with special emphasis on transitioning from the military back to civilian life. She currently contracts with Lone Survivor Foundation as an equine therapist.

Prairie also works with CertaPet as a clinical therapist and disrector and is a passionate supporter of emotional support animals as a means of finding hope and healing. Prairie was recently featured on Military Makeover for her work as the founder and developer of Emotional Support Animal Assisted Therapy (ESAAT) to further enhance the effectiveness of emotional support animals, and has developed techniques to decrease anxiety and panic attacks, depressive symptoms, and sleep difficulty.

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Topics Include:

  • Work/Life Balance: Using your animals to disconnect from work
  • Find the New Norm: Transitioning from Service Member to Civilian using ESAAT
  • Not Just a Dog: Navigating the Pain of Losing a Pet
  • The Importance of Animal Companionship for Health and Healing
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